The Dive In

first chapter of a new book

three pages in

enough to know

enough to want

craving the dive


parsing is important

space for digestion

rest between

pace oneself

it is a long book


One More No

who taught that you should not say no so often?

I think they meant that yes was an option

rather than meaning no

and saying something else

It is not a kindness to avoid the word

honesty is better

one proper no will build more trust

than a thousand times not-quite-no

It is a hard lesson

one that i am still learning

there is a special place in my heart

for the ones brave enough

to tell me no

My Day

i may not be able to travel the world

i can visit installations of other places

i may not be able to speak all languages

i can learn about linguistics, french, korean

i may not be able to eat food on the streets of another country

i can find places here to sample, try my hand at recipes unfamiliar

i may not be able to travel the world right now

i can learn about it in the meantime

i can change the may nots in i dids

one little step at a time


Poor Choices

i am sorry

it will not happen again

it is not something i should have done

i am ashamed of it

that is not the person i want to be

that is not the person i thought i was

i am sorry

thank you for your patience

thank you for showing me

thank you for helping me become a better human being

it can be hard to see yourself


is a weapon that will hurt you

thank you for letting me learn

about my mistakes

from them

i want to prostrate myself

grovel on the ground

ask for forgiveness from all i may have wronged

slighted, hurt

i didn’t see it

i am fixing it

i am trying