cored with exhaustion

sliding gently down

learning to rest amongst the doubts

uncertainty is surprisingly interesting

wrangle the numbers

come in line

find the repetition that makes sense

preparation lingers

with the knowledge that

what comes is what comes

the fight is quiet

silent small battles

won with patience

victory throws up hands

flashing teeth in a glorious woohoo

revels reveal themselves as steps

and you realize again

how much you enjoy stairs



So I Wrote…

I hate depression

how it surrounds and suffocates

I can be gentle with it

in everybody

except one

That one make me angry

protective and hostile

like it is a personal attack

I want to defend that one

rip the depression out

stomp on it

discard it

end it

I know very well that is not how it works

How to resolve anger

at something so insubstantial?

How to be gentle, even with this?


One More No

who taught that you should not say no so often?

I think they meant that yes was an option

rather than meaning no

and saying something else

It is not a kindness to avoid the word

honesty is better

one proper no will build more trust

than a thousand times not-quite-no

It is a hard lesson

one that i am still learning

there is a special place in my heart

for the ones brave enough

to tell me no