Ou est la reine noire?

i awoke in the realm of the black queen

her king nearby

at odds but not argument

threes to nines and back

The white queen awoke

sifting through jacks

debating what had happened

did the red one exist?

Did she not?

i slid back up

slipping into the red queen’s rooms

she laughed that they had forgotten her

she laughed that they knew it

shuffling her hearts

until the rooks fell and the knights flew

and breaking glass sounded like

the tinkling joy of all three

to nines

then back again


Simplified Magic

when we met

he took my hand

made a fist

and pulled all it’s strings

he said

This is all the magic I have.

when we walked

he took my hand

fingers intertwined

staring into the water’s ring

I said

Is this the magic you have?

when we talked

he took my hand

open palms

heart on springs

we said

This is all the magic to be had.