no, that is not quite right



bouncing on the waves

simmering with goodwill

joy as the weight released

sinks with the pain

to a place more suited to it

bright pleasure confounds

the bitterness


Feed Your Children

in the moments that stretch

small kindness

huge laughter

tiny things

love features prominently

no person can remove it

legislate it away

compassion is correct

keep it close

spread it through outstretched fingers

look at the beauty

remember, good or ill

all things are temporary

appreciate love, even for the most miniscule of seconds

let go of frustration


change comes from the ground up, not the top down

do not forget the wrongs

but do not let them fester

remember that you are the right thing

you can change the wrongs

back into love

Smithy Doors

disappointment that tastes like honey in my mouth


thick and heavy and sweet

slipping hot down throats

raw from held in truth

learning other peoples stories

to see my own

to seek it in their reflections

finding connections

does yours taste of honey?

or does it burn, eating away flesh?

eyes haunted like the sea

storms chasing themselves

into birth