Action Potential

reality flows from the deep end to the other

alarming immediacy

vibrating bones

til concentration explodes into frenetic madness

released it settles back slowly

like and old man in a chair

carefully rearranging

the right spot found for the right bits

comfortable distance from the air

until the throb and tickle of the future

comes to displace

rest into action

Open Cracks

let down the burden

next step

heavily set

thumping on ground below

breathe deep of light

lightness within

expanding bones so tightly condensed

raise up hands to the sky

touching the sun

fingertips outstretched to distant fire

bend down

lift with the knees

do not bend the back

weight reduced

a bag smaller than it was

leaving a dribble of gravel behind

take the burden up again

smile at it’s lightness

move forward til again it is time to let it down