Cat Lap

a tiny chaos

makes the tiny pleasures



Ground Crab Season

the music had stopped

i went looking in the rain

pouring warm over bare arms

a familiar but not heard in a long while voice

droplets bouncing off her face

down a steep hill

till the dirt road at the bottom of the city is found

climbing out on the limb

I discover I have been here before

there was no way up from the bottom of the bottom

so I turn

grab the vines and the branches carefully

finding the way back a little scary but done

at the fence

the ground moves with shells and pincers

and I remember

it is crab season

Starred Crossroads

Flowing Toes

Today the universe pushed me
pulled me
demanded action

calling out

In response
I walked
in the rain, pouring down

I swung in the park
soaking through
smiling in thoughts

What action?
What do I want?
What does that mean?

open pathways
desert and ocean

I make up my answers
anything I choose
will lead to many other things

Seize the rain
grab hold