that small life

you chose

it is your’s to care for

do not try to put the responsibility on others

because you feel unworthy

that the little being

because it chose something that made you sad

should be punished

because that it what it is

when you withdraw care


you will NOT




when change is hard

look to the sky

no matter the time of day

vast beauty opens the why

to find things are indeed okay


when change is hard

look to the earth

dig in deep with your toes

feel the world’s mirth

casting out your woes


when change is hard

look to the flame

let it burn the doubts away

eliminating blame

allowing the blossom to stay


when change is hard

look to the sea

leading treasures to the shore

depths expressing, just to be

learning all it’s lore


when change is hard

look to the soul

taking in all the love

having almost learned it’s role

fitted now like a glove


when change is hard

do not give up

take a break, have a snack, do a little dance

drink from the bottom of the cup

mayhap then to find a bit of romance



Gratitude is Not a Big Enough Word

prove it to me again

surprise me with it

all the beautiful people

I collect them

love them

play, talk, comfort them

because that is what I do

I don’t know how to be different than that


I asked for beauty

i said only that it was sad news

they gave me the world!

eager hands gave me




overwhelmingly wonderful

I can’t express properly

there is not a word big enough

to show you

how my heart flies with warmth

my feet feel the roots of my life

I live in a blessed world

Yesterday I posted a small request for people to post some beauty for me since I got some bad news.  What happened  was nothing short of astounding.  I love my peoples and I wish iI could hug them all.  This is a tiny attempt at trying to show how I feel.