Harmony Hears a Who

one week from now

a quest shall ensue

early risen

into the cold dark

a favorite companion


one week from now

soaring far away

gliding to the light

my oldest friend

gales of delight

roast beast.

one week from now

glee will sparkle

joyful embraces located

a new playmate

smattered affection all around


one week from now

invasion of mysteries deep

heartfelt boxes of blue

the man with the angry eyebrows

quest completed

exhausted snuggly sleep.

The Quest Resumes

recognition of choice
placed by the fates
arrayed in such abundance
splayed across galaxies

time to take up the bag
lift from the ground
head again to the temple
all the body mind

memory pulls at hands
self unbinds haunches
light spills out joy
darkness soothes hungers

up the mountain
down the trail
through the winding ways
guided by hearthome