Under the watchful eye

lay keys and coins

waiting for doors

exposing their locks

hoping to reveal

what is concealed behind

usefulness held in stasis

until the call of the moment


Midnight Undertakings

so strange to think

how soon

how long

my lips carve sparkles

pupils blown

wide and dark

with studied anticipation

the well is filled with giddiness

mixed deeply in long awaited gifts

irises breathe in



fingertips releasing them back into the ground

then filtering back up

to the well’s mouth

longing to fill mine

Harmonies Travel

deep within the recesses
mind’s kind hands
leading down the spiral
to a heart at depth

longing lavishes
the skins needs
words distant
ravishes aural passages

a twist, sudden
abrupt opportunity

vague honesty
pride in plans
hopeful wishes
for journeys continued

one love waits
while a hand finds it’s mate
connections established
will not dissipate