One More No

who taught that you should not say no so often?

I think they meant that yes was an option

rather than meaning no

and saying something else

It is not a kindness to avoid the word

honesty is better

one proper no will build more trust

than a thousand times not-quite-no

It is a hard lesson

one that i am still learning

there is a special place in my heart

for the ones brave enough

to tell me no



why is there only one word for trust?

in english, anyway.

so many variations on the theme

seem like more words are necessary.

what about new friend trust?

or family trust?

or the trust on places in strangers wearing a uniform?

where are the words?


Learning to Trust

I know too well

the anxiety of a toddler

the fear of a dog

brought home from the pound

you have been gone for hours

it might as well be lifetimes

but then to, I understand deeply

the growing of trust

for you always come back

it feels like a sapling

stretching from my heart

up to the stars

down to the earth

and I am always happy to see you