Sandman Gone

slumber is a shy visitor these days

flying in front of thought’s brigade

lost tears scald cheeks enduring exhaustion

they escape

sealing overflowing emotions within their salt

desiccating on uncaring pillows


Have you ever?

Have you ever met a person that sees

though the lines

behind the shades

catching you off guard when your eyes meet?

Have you ever met a person

that touches you with respect

tries to open your closed mind

insistent and gentle as the pull of sand in the tide?

Have you ever met a person that laughs

so hard tears crawl down aching cheeks

with you

at the same terrible puns you adore?

Have you ever met a person

whose kiss lights up the heavens

where you fly through unbound light

all with your eyes shut, frozen in bliss?

Have you ever met

the reflection of your soul

all it’s shades reversed

a perfect compliment to you?

Have you ever met the person

that haunts your dreams

that is your happy place when things are hard

that inspires you to become worthy of your own feelings?

Have you ever met a person

that catalyzes

that deftly brings you

to your own fruition

through no effort on their own?

Have you ever lost them?

Lost yourself?

Found both again, bound by threads

loosely tied but unbreakable?

Missing Sleep

Sandman's Path

exhaustion has come
reaching into places
not oft visited anymore
eyes flinty smooth
hinting at the tender beneath
lids sliding smoothly shut
dolls eyes
open then close again and again
gaze falling
far off
looking inside at
the dull ache
night’s ritual calls
singing as a siren
soon to be met
with raucous, silent thoughts
until dreams
eat away the last bit of sentience