Thoughts Entertained

what would happen

if the stars uncrossed?

if the rain called to you

like it calls to me?

what would happen

if all this time

felt like mending

to you as well?

what would happen

if this time

we were ready?

to let go

to hold on

to allow us




living laughter

cackling like fire

clearing away debris

letting depth investigate the shallows

the spark dances

strays and returns

even when embers banked against the darkness

roaring back

at the slightest provocation

Feed Your Children

in the moments that stretch

small kindness

huge laughter

tiny things

love features prominently

no person can remove it

legislate it away

compassion is correct

keep it close

spread it through outstretched fingers

look at the beauty

remember, good or ill

all things are temporary

appreciate love, even for the most miniscule of seconds

let go of frustration


change comes from the ground up, not the top down

do not forget the wrongs

but do not let them fester

remember that you are the right thing

you can change the wrongs

back into love